The Pamidovo wine cellar is situated at 40 dka area, surrounded by wine yards with production facilities, equipped with the most modern instalations for making wine by the classical and modern type of fermentation, processing, stabilizing and bottling of wine. Pamidovo Cellar company owns 1,600 dekares of land situated around Pamidovo, Velichkovo and Rossen villages- an area known with it’s ancient

4 000 years history and tradition in wine making. The cellar is chвteau type, located in the heart of the Thracian Valley. The main varieties of grapes, which are grown and processed, include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and the traditional Bulgarian varieties of Mavrud and Karapamid, Sira, Pinot Noir, Muscat Otonel and Muscat Alexandrian. The soil and climatic conditions are extremely suitable for growing wines, the sunny days allow the wine grape to accumulate sugar over 23 % with very balanced acids and color substance. That is a very good premise to produce unique wines and grape material for destilation bearing the individuality of the area, the nature and the message of the typical Southern wines from the region of Thrace, distinguished by excellent taste, colour and long aftertaste. The grape genera is under the control of the European prescriptions for wine producing of high quality wines.
Pamidovo cellar works with new fermentation equipment ‘Ganimed’, computerized and controlled, for primary wine-making. The main part of the wine ages in oak barrels made from bulgarian, american or french oak and the destillation material in oak and acacia barrels. The cellar has the capacity to work out up to 2 000 000 liter of wine in a year.